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Each month we will have several projects that you can make right in our studio. Projects range from cards, scrapbook pages and mini albums to stenciled wall art, string or button art and other home décor.

Favorite children's crafts are string art, glass bowl painting and painting on canvas.

Instruction and guidance are available as needed.


A DIY Craft Studio is a maker space where you can be creative. We have designed this space where you can make projects without the barriers that may keep you from being creative at home.
⦁ You can make a mess in our space. We even clean up after you!
⦁ We provide the tools and supplies you need so you don’t have to spend the money on things you may not use again.
⦁ There is always someone here to guide you if you aren’t sure how to do something.
What projects can I make in the DIY studio?
Each month there will be featured projects designed for different ages, levels, and seasons. Some projects are staples and will always be available. Many are Pinterest-inspired using wood, canvas, mason jars, wine bottles, jewelry and more.
In addition to projects available in the studio, you may bring in your own ideas and materials. Our goal is for you to feel great about your creativity!