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Vintaj Natural Brass Rivets

  • This nickel and lead-free item is made of a antique style brass. 
  • Rivet together pieces of metal, leather, plastic, and more to create multi-dimensional jewelry. You can rivet Vintaj charms, pendants, beads, flattened bead caps, hardware and findings to Vintaj Altered Blanks for a unique layered look. 
  • Measurements: Approximately 1/4 Inch Long (7mm). 3mm flat head. 1.6mm shaft (16 gauge). 
  • Quantity: 20 Rivets. 
  • Second photo shows an example project. 
  • Tips On Riveting: 
  • Drill or punch a 1.6mm hole into each of your pieces using a tool such as our Two Hole Metal Punch. 
  • If you prefer the look of a large rivet, string the nail head from the front of your design. For a small rivet string the nail head from the back. 
  • Turn over your piece and cut the straight end of rivet very short to approximately 1/16" above blank or metal piece. You can use a wire cutter such as our 4 Inch Jewelry Wire Cutting End Cutter Pliers for this. 
  • Use a Ball Peen or Chasing hammer to flatten the straight end of the rivet.
  • About Vintaj? 100% Natural Brass
    Vintaj? natural brass pieces feature a rich, distinctive caramel brown color similar to vintage brass. The Vintaj? process is eco-friendly, enhancing the natural beauty of the brass. These products are not antique plated or chemically treated. They are nickel and lead-free.
    Due to the careful, hand process used on each Vintaj? piece, every finding has its own unique color and luster. It is the subtle differences in color that give these findings such depth and dimension.
  • SKUFCO-4674
  • Weight0.16 oz

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